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    The World’s Top Lead Generation Experts


    Bill Cates, Referral Coach International

    Massive Leads through Warm Introductions
    What you will learn:
    • How to network strategically
    • How to get warm introductions
    • The secret to overcome your fear of asking for referrals
    • How to easily get people to call you
    • One of the most critical strategies to get warm introductions from referral partners


    Maribeth Kuzmeski, Red Zone Marketing

    Marketing Magnetism for Maximum Lead Generation
    What you will learn:
    • How to design a clear brand differentiation from competition
    • A unique method that develops a compelling, memorable core story designed to communicate value
    • How to develop consistent strategies in order to continue on a growth trajectory into the future
    • Strategies that will enable you to connect more effectively with your clients, thus increasing service level and referrals
    • How to develop strategic messaging that will enable better connections with both new and existing target markets


    Bruce Wright, The Wright Company

    How Transcendent Thought and Action Attracts A-Level Clients
    What you will learn:
    • How to transcend any competitors in the all markets
    • How to attract, not chase, the opportunities and clients you want
    • The steps to becoming a relevant, compelling and thoughtful leader
    • The process to reinvent your business model in order to become a top market leader
    • What you must do to successfully succeed in the future


    Libby Dubick, Dubick & Associates

    The Power of Millennials in your Business
    What you will learn:
    •Why you can’t afford to ignore millennials
    • Understanding how millennials will change your business for the better
    • Identifying what makes millennials tick
    • Uncover ways to retain your clients children and grandchildren
    • How to effectively market to new generations of wealth


    Dr. Len Schwartz, Pro2Pro Network

    How to Generate 20-40 Local Targeted Leads Every Month
    What you will learn:
    • The specifics on how to generate pre-qualified leads that are actively looking for your services in real time
    • How to take control and benefit from your marketing & lead generation tactics
    • What you must do to position yourself as an expert in your profession
    • How to establish the best reputation, which enables repeat and new business
    • One of the biggest mistakes made when it comes to lead generation


    Kira Callahan, Conversation Gym

    Turning Conversations into Profitable Relationships
    What you will learn:
    • The most common traps advisors fall into that lose them the sale
    • Strategies to turn around any sales conversation
    • The Secret Weapon for increasing your sales permanently
    • Why you don’t have to be a natural salesperson in order to generate new business
    • How to differentiate yourself with unique characteristics in a crowded marketplace
    • The number one thing you can do immediately to increase your sales revenue


    Annette Bau,

    The 7 Steps to Massive Lead Generation
    What you will learn:
    • The Formula to create success, massive referrals & leads
    • The 7 step process to fill your funnel with qualified leads
    • The best lead generation strategies
    • What you must know and do to achieve your goal
    • What to avoid in your lead generation efforts

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