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    The World’s Top Lead Generation Experts

    Bill Cates, Referral Coach International

    Bill Cates Lead Generation Summit

    Massive Leads through Warm Introductions
    Bill Cates is a world renowned referral expert and has revolutionized the way financial service professionals generate referrals. He is the author of “Beyond Referrals, Get More Referrals Now and Don’t Keep Me a Secret”! Bill is the president of Referral Coach International and the creator of The Referral Advantage™ Program and the Referral Coach Solution. He has been featured in Success Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine and the Wall Street Journal just to name a few.

    In this lead generating expert session, you will learn:
    • How to network strategically
    • How to get warm introductions
    • The secret to overcome your fear of asking for referrals
    • How to easily get people to call you
    • One of the most critical strategies to get warm introductions from referral partners

    Maribeth Kuzmeski, Red Zone Marketing

    Marketing Magnetism for Maximum Lead Generation
    Maribeth Kuzmeski is an international keynote speaker and president of Red Zone Marketing, a consulting firm that works with some of the nation’s top financial professionals and advisors, managing anywhere from $300 million to over $1 billion in client assets. Maribeth is a regular media contributor and has appeared on Fox News, USA Today, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal just to name a few. A few of her books include “And the Clients Went Wild and The Connectors!”

    In this lead generating expert session, you will learn:
    • How to design a clear brand differentiation from competition
    • A unique method that develops a compelling, memorable core story designed to communicate value
    • How to develop consistent strategies in order to continue on a growth trajectory into the future
    • Strategies that will enable you to connect more effectively with your clients, thus increasing service level and referrals
    • How to develop strategic messaging that will enable better connections with both new and existing target markets

    Bruce Wright, The Wright Company

    How Transcendent Thought and Action Attracts A-Level Clients
    Bruce Wright is the founder of The Wright Company and inventor of Macro Strategic Planning, a comprehensive holistic process that has a proven track record for helping people stretch their imaginations to recognize bigger possibilities and opportunities. Bruce has helped thousands of business owners and executives at Fortune 500 companies over the past several years. He is the author of “The Wright Exit Strategy: Wealth-How to Create It, Keep It and Use it” and recently released his latest book “Transcendent Thought and Market Leadership 1.0.”

    In this lead generating expert session, you will learn:
    • How to transcend any competitors in the all markets
    • How to attract, not chase, the opportunities and clients you want
    • The steps to becoming a relevant, compelling and thoughtful leader
    • The process to reinvent your business model in order to become a top market leader
    • What you must do to successfully succeed in the future

    Libby Dubick, Dubick & Associates

    The Power of Millennials in your Business
    Libby Dubick, founder of Dubick & Associates, helps financial services firms and advisors identify and maximize distribution and marketing opportunities. The firm provides assistance with competitive analysis, strategy, branding, positioning and client communications. Prior to establishing Dubick & Associates, Libby was a Vice President at Goldman Sachs & Co., where she created a communication systems for the Goldman Sachs $20 billion institutional funds business and developed their asset allocation programs.

    In this lead generating expert session, you will learn:
    •Why you can’t afford to ignore millennials
    • Understanding how millennials will change your business for the better
    • Identifying what makes millennials tick
    • Uncover ways to retain your clients children and grandchildren
    • How to effectively market to new generations of wealth

    Dr. Len Schwartz, Pro2Pro Network

    How to Generate 20-40 Local Targeted Leads Every Month
    Dr. Len Schwartz is a world renowned entrepreneur, speaker, author and Fortune 500 trained marketing and business building expert. He is the master of a strategic step-by-step marketing process that enables any professional, business owner or advisor to automate the growth of their business as well as penetrate and completely dominate their market. Over the last 16 years, it’s estimated that Dr. Schwartz has helped generate more than $150 million dollars of new business for his clients.

    In this lead generating expert session, you will learn:
    • The specifics on how to generate pre-qualified leads that are actively looking for your services in real time
    • How to take control and benefit from your marketing & lead generation tactics
    • What you must do to position yourself as an expert in your profession
    • How to establish the best reputation, which enables repeat and new business
    • One of the biggest mistakes made when it comes to lead generation

    Kira Callahan, Conversation Gym

    Turning Conversations into Profitable Relationships
    Kira Callahan is a Master Sales Conversation Coach for the Financial Industry and is the driving force behind Conversation Gym, a company dedicated to helping financial professionals turn conversation into profitable relationships. Since 2003, she has coached well over 5,000 financial professionals in the insurance, wealth management and retail banking sectors, from front-line to Managing Partner, to build their business-and revenue- by mastering their sales conversation skills.

    In this lead generating expert session, you will learn:
    • The most common traps advisors fall into that lose them the sale
    • Strategies to turn around any sales conversation
    • The Secret Weapon for increasing your sales permanently
    • Why you don’t have to be a natural salesperson in order to generate new business
    • How to differentiate yourself with unique characteristics in a crowded marketplace
    • The number one thing you can do immediately to increase your sales revenue

    Annette Bau,

    The 7 Steps to Massive Lead Generation
    Annette Bau is a CFP and has been a top producer for over 20 years. She is a nationally recognized speaker and the founder of &, one of the largest Performance Mastermind Academy’s for and advisors and consultants in the world. Annette is the author of numerous books and products, regarded as one of the nation’s leading authorities on taking producers from average to top production and has shared her message with over 100,000 advisors, small business owners and independent professionals throughout her career.

    In this lead generating expert session, you will learn:
    • The Formula to create success, massive referrals & leads
    • The 7 step process to fill your funnel with qualified leads
    • The best lead generation strategies
    • What you must know and do to achieve your goal
    • What to avoid in your lead generation efforts

    Jeremiah Desmarais, Agency Growth Academy

    The Secret to Generating New Prospect’s Daily Using LinkedIn+Cold Emails
    Jeremiah Desmarais, also known for being “one of the greatest marketing minds in the financial industry,” is a top ranked award-winning insurance marketing advisor strategist. He has received over 23 awards and recognition from Direct Marketing News, Web Awards and Marketing Sherpa to name a few, and has helped over 100,000 entrepreneurs in 51 countries generate over 2 million leads, which has generated over $300M in commissions. Jeremiah was a key player in building one of the top 17 fastest growing insurance software companies in the country on the Inc. 500 list in less than three years. He also turned the marketing systems around at a multinational insurance automation firm, which led to a $26M increase in sales in just 9 months. The firm was sold shortly thereafter, for $1.2B. Jeremiah has consulted with numerous Fortune 500 companies and is ranked as one of the country’s “Top 40 Direct Marketers Under 40.”

    In this lead generating expert session, you will learn:
    • How to make LinkedIn your autopilot lead generation machine
    • Leveraging an uncommon networking hack to generate unlimited leads
    • The secrets to get 70% of your cold prospect’s email addresses in less than 9 seconds
    • Automating your systems and creating more free time
    • How to commit affluent decisions makers to meet with you 93% of the time

    Brian Appleton, Appleton Companies

    Brian Appleton

    How to Acquire Hundreds or Even Thousands of New Qualified Leads In 7 Days or Less
    Brian Appleton is the host and creator of the Insurance Agent Summit, the insurance industry’s largest online event for insurance agents, and the co-creator of the Virtual Advisor Summit. He is the co-author of the bestselling book “Customer Service is Just Foreplay: The Modern Customer Experience Will Separate You Apart From Your Competition” and writes, speaks and consults about a number of different topics such as sales, marketing, strategic growth, technology and more.

    In this lead generating expert session, you will learn:
    • A new platform for creating qualified leads in your niche market that no one else is using
    • How to run a 7 day launch and generate thousands of qualified leads
    • The secret to instantly becoming a credible resource for new leads
    • An automated follow up process for converting leads into clients on a monthly basis

    Tom Hegna,

    tom hegna of tom

    Lead Generation through Social Media, Seminars, and Technical Expertise
    Tom Hegna, CLU, ChFC, CASL, is an author, speaker and economist. After retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel from the US Army, Tom embarked on a career in financial services as an advisor, manager and Senior Executive Officer of a Fortune 100 Company. Today, Tom is a highly sought-after industry speaker and author. He spoke on the Main Platform at Top of the Table in 2009 and Main Platform at the 2010 MDRT meeting in Vancouver. Most recently, his Don’t Worry, Retire Happy! with Tom Hegna Public TV show has played in over 40 Million Homes in the US and Canada.

    In this lead generating expert session, you will learn:
    • The most effective marketing tips to use with prospects
    • How to use social media to get known and generate leads
    • How to provide 3rd party education on the strategies your using with current clients
    • Why story telling is a critical, effective selling tool
    • The process to generating leads through playchecks

    Barbara Rozgonyi, Cory West Media

    Barbara Rozgonyi

    Activating the Virtual Reality of 3D Lead Generation Success
    Barbara Rozgonyi is a recognized social media industry thought leader and founder of CoryWest Media, a strategic marketing consultancy that has worked with a wide range of companies, including Fortune 500 enterprises, small businesses and entrepreneurs just to name a few. Empowering everyone to become better at selling their message, products, talents, services and stories, Barbara loves working with companies and individuals to help attract attention, build brands and connect communities in 3D. She is an author of over 1200 articles and contributed to the LinkedIn Chapter “Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars.”

    In this lead generating expert session, you will learn:
    • The secrets top sales performers are using on social media
    • How to use PR as an ideal client match-maker
    • A simplified social selling system that can be implemented immediately
    • How to improve visibility and focus to gain lead generation success
    • Why targeting where social media fits into your customers’ decision making process is critical to your online success

    Wes Schaeffer, The Sales Whisperer

    Get over 20 hours of prospecting ideas from the world's top experts...
    Access not one, two, five, but 1000's of the best lead generation ideas, strategies, and insights for free!

    Are you ready to create an unlimited supply of qualified leads who become your raving advocates?

    Sounds good, huh? Have you ever wished you had the secrets top advisors and entrepreneurs use to create a flow of qualified prospects so they can focus on their clients and business?

    In a survey we conducted lead generation was the biggest challenge faced by advisors and service providers. Without enough qualified leads in your funnel, it is virtually impossible to to reach your goal.

    We brought the lead generation summit experts together so you can access everything you need to know to make prospecting easy and fun.

    Before I became a top producer, I wished there was a magic bullet; a step-by-step guidethat would show me my options and what I needed to do to get in front of more ideal clients. I wanted someone who was an expert in prospecting to tell me exactly what I needed to do to get more ideal clients in the quickest time possible. It would have saved me the 100’s of hours and tens of thousands of dollars in testing and trying various strategies.

    The Lead Generation Summit shows you the best strategies to fill your funnel fast!

    This summit is the biggest resource of lead generation experts available in the world today! And best news of all- it’s virtual. You can listen from the luxury of your home or office (no airline hassles or hotel costs).

    As a top producer for over 20 years, I personally picked each one of these experts because of their superior knowledge and real world experienceon how to create a massive lead generation machine.

    These interviews provide you some of the BEST insight I have ever heard and you can access it for free and begin using it immediately! 

    Lead Generation is the key to create a thriving advisory, consultant or any business and the Lead Generation Summit provides you everything you need to know to master it.

    If you haven’t already registered, you can register here:

    If you haven’t already registered, you can register here:


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